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NAPLAN 2023 Disability Adjustment Cut off dates

Disability Adjustments flowchart

Disability adjustments are provided to students with disability to enable an equivalent learner experience during NAPLAN testing and to encourage maximum participation. These adjustments are detailed in National protocols for test administration.

As every student with disability has individual needs, experiences and functional abilities, no typical or uniform testing experience applies to all students with disability. As is currently the case for NAPLAN tests, a student’s requirements need to be established prior to testing. Read the Guide for schools to assist students with disability to access NAPLAN Online (PDF 168 kb) for more information.


Compare School and NESA Approved Disability Adjustments

How to request DAC Approval from NESA via Schools online

How to request DAC approval from NESA.webm

Link to Disability Adjustment consent forms can be found in the NAPLAN Coordinators Handbook.

When the 2023 handbook is available it will be placed here.


  1. For new 2023 enrolments from outside the Catholic system in 2023- how will schools know if the new student has had a NESA approved disability adjustment?

The Schools Online application form will provide a field for schools to detail the 2023 school, if known. Where a different school to the one making the application is nominated, NESA will notify the principal of 2023 school of the outcome of the application. As 2023 student data becomes available to us in early 2023, NESA will reconcile the application data against the student registration data to identify any additional changes of schools and again notify the 2023 principal. This will be most relevant to 2022 Year 6 / 2023 Year 7 students. A school can also contact the NAPLAN team if required.

  1. What happens If there is a case where a new enrolment in January from outside the CSNSW system is deemed to require a NESA approved adjustment and the application closing date was 2022.that closed in 2022? Is there a process for this?

The school should contact NESA as soon as this requirement is known in 2023. If the student has transferred from a school in NSW, NESA will check whether an application has already been made by the previous school. If an application has been made, we can reallocate the distribution of the test material to the new school. If an application has not been made, there are contingency procedures in place. Firstly, NESA will inquire with ACARA whether there is availability within the ‘national buffer of alternative format material’ to accommodate this request. The timing of the request will also have a bearing on whether it is suitable to use the national buffer (i.e., is their sufficient time for a hard copy to be distributed to the school). Where there isn’t enough time to distribute or the national buffer has been exhausted for that format, NESA will provide the school with a “print-ready” electronic copy of the test material for the school to print and administer to the student.

  1. Will there be information/reminders to Primary schools that they need to put in NESA approved DACs for their Year 6 students going into Year 7.

Communications centred on preparing for NAPLAN 2023 are due to all schools on 7 October and 27 October 2023. The content of these communications is still in draft form. One element that is expected to be included is information to schools to consider whether an outgoing/incoming student are known to require alternative format test material and encouraging current schools to make an application for them.

NESA intends to provide a list of students known to need alternative format materials previously to Catholic Schools NSW in early October.