Scout - NAPLAN Online Data

Scout Support Site for CEDP schools

Schools should use the support resources below to support the access, navigation and interpretation of Naplan data through SCOUT.

Learning Exchange is available for additional support. Schools should request this by using the process in the document adjacent.

2019 NAPLAN Online SCOUT Support Strategy for NTK


CEDP educators access NAPLAN Online Data in Scout. This can be accessed via Catholic School NSW

Please click the link below to access the Net-ID portal:

See below if you have issues accessing your Net-ID

What to expect when logging into Scout via Net-ID?

Access to Scout NAPLAN reports 2021.webm

How is access to Scout provisioned and who to contact if I cannot access Scout?


  • If Principal Access is required - Please email ESD or contact via phone

  • Teachers must have:

    • NET-ID account with up to date organisation details

    • Principal will then approve access to Schools data (via 'Tasks' in Net-ID)

The process map above outlines how access to Scout is provisioned (click the image to enlarge) For an enlarged version click here.

NAPLAN Training modules

2021 Scout - Training School Leadership module
2021 Scout - Training Classroom Teacher module


Navigating Scout.webm

Navigating Scout


Results at the School Level Reports

School Level Growth Report.mp4

School Level Growth

Average NAPLAN Scores Over Time.mp4

Average NAPLAN Scores Over Time

Student Results report overviews

Scout_Naplan_Student Growth report_overview_2019-BLUR.mp4

Student growth report

Results Report.mp4

Naplan results

Online Item Analysis

An combined overview of School Item Analysis and Student Item Analysis Non Writing (Online)

SCOUT School and student online item analysis non writing.mp4

An combined overview of School Item Analysis and Student Item Analysis Writing (Online)

Scout Item Analysis Writing reports overview.mp4

Paper Item Analysis

(Yr 3 Writing)

School Item Analysis Writing Paper.mp4

School Item Analysis (Paper) - Yr 3 Writing

Student Item Analysis Writing.mp4

Student Item Analysis (Paper) - Yr 3 Writing

Individual student reports


Resources for parents

ACARA's NAP website provides sample reports and FAQS for parents in other languages:

See example student reports

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